Hey Lady Fashion Show

It was an honor to be invited as VIP at the Hey Lady fashion show in SF. This new line of comfortable wedding dresses and sexy shoes debut on August 15th at the Weinstein Gallery and will soon be available early September. The designers of Hey Lady, the Leung Twins (Emily and Jessica), are a great duo and we are excited to see more to come from the line.

Here are just a few pics from the one and only Augie Chang:

The Leung Twins and their parents

Part of the hot collection coming out soon:

The twins and more of their hot collection:

Wouldn’t be an event, if Amazáe Special Events couldn’t enjoy it with a few of her wonderful vendors:

Maria from Professional Make-up Artistry, Nicole from Nicole Ha Designs, and Augie from Augie Chang Photography

We are definitely excited to see and hear more about the success of Hey Lady!


~ by amazae on August 24, 2008.

One Response to “Hey Lady Fashion Show”

  1. It was a blast seeing everyone at the show. As always, you’ve came to the rescue. You DO IT ALL woman!

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