Phenominal ‘Sin’ sushi at Michi’s

We had the absolute pleasure of being introduced to Michelle with Michi’s Sushi through Nicole Lisanne.  We were set up to have one of the BEST sushi experiences ever with not only amazing food, but a top notch experience with Michi himself….any amazing man full of creative ideas and thoughts for his food.  His talent doesn’t stop with just him as he showed us a painting hanging in the restaurant by his 10-year old daughter.  Any professional artist would be proud of that piece.

Michi Sushi, located in Campbell, is not only an award winning restaurant, but they provide off the charts customizable catering: from a traveling sushi bar, to die for bbq & kebobs, a how to make sushi lessons, and much much more.

As for our unforgettable experience, here are some MUSTS haves:
* Garlic Edamame – you will be cheating yourself by getting just regular ones.
* Pokie Mango, honey and sushi – to die for combination (who would have thought of fruit with sushi)
* Specialty Shin Salad and Lettuce Pork You – the dressings are absolutely special and delicious (this should bottled up)
* Agedashi tofu – definitely unique here
* Potato Croquette – creamy, crispy and an amazing sauce
* Shin Fire Cracker Roll – WOW, all around goodness

And we topped it off with some Sparkling Sake, which will leave everyone not having a drop to spare.

You must stop by if you want your taste buds to be taken to the next level or if you need an unbelieveable catering service.  And who knows, maybe one day master chef Michi will be naming a delicious roll after  you to add to their 250+ collection of specialty rolls, and you will ride off in their free limo service.  We are hoping for an “Amazae Special” roll someday.


~ by amazae on February 4, 2010.

One Response to “Phenominal ‘Sin’ sushi at Michi’s”

  1. I had the delightful pleasure of indulging in some of the most wonderful hand rolls from Micho at the Una Bella Sera event….Not only is the staff friendly, they are inspired and creative. Definitely a must…They also get an A+ on presentation!! Can’t wait to be in Campbell for some more!

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