Getting Up Close and Personal Series: Hey Lady

We are excited to introduce you to “Hey Lady.” So what exactly is “Hey Lady” you may ask. Well according to Jessica Leung, founder and owner of the company, Hey Lady is the anti-wedding wedding shoe and they offer stylish and comfortable wedding shoes for the modern bride-to-be. After speaking with Jessica, we gained further insight into this incredible company. According to Jessica, Hey Lady began after a series of events. All signs pointed to shoe heaven. First, Jessica says she was accidentally married (since annulled).  After that wedding, she learned to never buy painful ugly shoes again! Second, Jessica blacked out from the pain of dancing all night in Vegas in her Louis Vuitton heels and had to be carried to her hotel.  Third, the Leung twins were running and complaining about how their feet still hurt. All of these events led Jessica and her sister Emily to their “aha” moment. Why isn’t there a stylish AND comfortable wedding shoe out there, she thought. A wedding is just as long as a marathon, and possibly harder on your knees. From that moment, Jessica and her sister became obsessed with combining the most comfortable features from different shoes and spent a year perfecting it.  Using Emily’s pre-med knowledge and research with podiatrists and dancers, they came up with their Anatomy of a Heel. They only use 100% silk satin and not stiff polyester. For their peep-toed heels, they were adamant on only showing 2 toes in front, rather than showing 3 or 4.  At Hey Lady, they feel that since all brides aren’t cookie cutter traditional brides, and no two brides are the same, the shoes the brides wear should reflect their personality and highlight their uniqueness. Jessica and her sister wanted to create a niche for modern-day heirloom shoes. Hey Lady’s shoes are both classic and have personality, which is what every bride should express on their special day. Hey Lady is all about accessible luxury and affordable comfort. They look at everything from a bride’s point of view. In fact, 10 of Hey Lady’s styles are available in both 3 and 4 inch heel heights. They also plan on expanding this line in the future to incorporate matching wedges and flats. Some of Hey Lady’s goals this year include expanding their presence in retail stores and working together with charities to reach those in need. Some of the most popular shoe designs at Hey Lady are Twinkletoes, Knotty Girl, Pre-Nope,Yes, Ma’am, CoCo Puffs, and At Tiffanys. Currently, Hey Lady is working on a COLOR line, which will feature vibrant colors with fun names like Lipstick Red, Hot Mama Pink, Peacock Blue, Royal Purple, Midnight Black and Periwinkle. Along with the new COLOR line, Hey Lady is getting inspired by music trends, and is planning on featuring shoes like a Hey Lady GaGa shoe, as well as an Elvis shoe. Hey Lady is finding inspiration from all over the globe. Look out for a French-inspired city of lights and love for 2011! Hey Lady welcomes suggestions and would love to hear from you. Check out Hey Lady today!


~ by amazae on March 29, 2010.

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